Network Athletics is an industry leader in providing excellent service to our customers. Since 2011, 90% of the student-athletes that invested in NA Marketing received athletic scholarships.




Our mission is to give student-athletes an opportunity to enhance quality of life through scholarship. We strive to increase prospect visibility by connecting athletes to as many collegiate coaches possible as well as various media outlets for the purposes of gaining scholarship. 



I am very impressed with everything Network Athletics provides. NA is doing an excellent job for my son."

— Shenell Thomas, Parent




  • Since our inception in 2011, 71% of our marketed athletes have gotten Division I scholarship (FBS/FCS) offers.
  • Likewise, since 2011, 91% of all our marketed athletes have gotten a scholarship offer on any level.
  • Network Athletics (NA) have helped student athletes generate well over $500,000 in scholarship funds.
  • NA athletes have gained scholarships from each major conference.
  • With NA's growth, our athletes span across several states. 
  • NA has placed multiple athletes on top 25 national ranked programs.
  • Our top athlete received over 20 FBS scholarship offers.
  • With connections with major recruiting media outlets, we've helped athletes obtain high ratings & national attention.